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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?
  • Simple approval in less than an hour guaranteed
  • The fastest service in the industry
  • Your funding will be done in an honest, transparent and completely confidential manner
What are your interest rates?
  • Our vehicle financing varies from 19.9% ​​to 29.9% depending on your financial situation
  • A fee is applicable for each file study
Within which regions do you grant funding?
We serve all regions within the Quebec province. We do business with traders across Quebec.
I have already experienced voluntary repossession in the past, is it possible to still obtain financing with you?
Yes, it's possible. Ask one of our specialists and he will have the solution for you.
Is my loan open?
Yes, you may make faster repayments or pay off your financing in full without penalty.
Do you finance mechanical guarantees and insurance?
Yes, we have several products available that can be added to your financing.
Do I have to meet you at your offices?
No, the entire application and approval process is done by phone, internet or directly from the merchant.
I am self-employed, a newcomer or I have no credit history, can I have a loan with you?
Yes, we have the solution for each situation.
I have filed for bankruptcy or made a consumer proposal, am I eligible for financing with you?
Yes, we have the solution to improve your situation.
What are the payment frequencies during your financings?
Payments are automatically synchronized with your pay period either weekly, biweekly or monthly.

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